organic fertilizer


    Features of organic fertilizer

  • Effect of soil improvement by 7.0 to 7.5
  • Growth promoting
  • Reduce disease and incidence of pest
  • After composted, it is odorless and not affected by rainwater
  • Promote the growth of the roots
  • Excellent filterability
  • It will be fruitful and good keeping
  • Improve the quality due to increased vitamin and high sugar content
  • Introduced species or disease-causing germs are also secure by heat-treat






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Usefulness of housefly feed has been found by collaboration with Ehime University.

Housefly's larvae, pupae become an alternative raw material for a fish meal with high value-added effect of weight gain, disease resistance grant and the incentive effect.

We have discovered effectiveness of insect protein and developed a functinal feed containing housefly's pupae or larvae. Increasing a food intake of fish, growth promoting effect and an immunostimulation has been confirmed in this feed. Currently, we are advancing the commercialization and joint research with some feed manufacturers.

In joint research with Ehime University, the safety of the added housefly feed was verified.In a study using a rat (Mammalia), no change is observed,even though the feed were given for 4 weeks;besides, it was proven by its components analysis that no need to concern about pesticide residues and heavy metals.Of course, as well as conduct various components analysis ,was able to prove of safety.In addition, the test using a rat show a cholesterol-lowing effect by eating a feed contained housefly.We also considered applications to the health food in the future.

features of feed contained housefly

  • Effect of added disease resistance
  • Entice many fishes
  • Increase the weight
  • Its safety has been proven
  • Reduce fish's stress

Advantage of larvae and pupae

  • Improve immunity
  • Efficiency of gaining weight is very good
  • Reduce using fish meal whose price is rising
  • Reduce farmed fish's stress
  • Improve palatability
  • Improve food self-sufficiency late

pet food


We are also planning a development of pet food with safety and high quality,using housefly.

current problems of pet food industry

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