cirulation system by housefly


The project aims to concretely model a business using insect housefly system that use the providence of nature , and to establish a local brand as a result of an innovative business which spread over as an innovative ecology circulation agriculture system under intellectual property.

The project focuses on organic waste disposal system by long-term domesticated larva of housefly.

For 20 years ,Field Farmer Inc has been culturing and managing housefly as an a stable technology.It has been also regarded as a pilot plant in culturing and producing facilities.

Recently, this remarkable technology has been picked up as news by various mass media ,such as television , newspapers, and radio.Its importance gained recognition and collaboration with multiple universities.Therefore, this time has finally come to make realization of its business.

    Features of housefly system

  • Change to valuable livestock waste as a raw material
  • Use the providence of nature
  • This is not fermentation,but enzymolysis by housefly larvae
  • Utilize livestock waste and food residues as a raw material
  • Two types of production(fertilizers,insect protein)can be obtained
  • Livestock waste and food residues are comportable for (just 7 days)a short period of time
  • It is possible everyday to bring in livestock waste and food residues as a raw material
  • Quality of product is stable due to treating in fixed condition
  • Facility design can be tailored to the conditions of employment
  • Impact on the environment is much less(such as green house gases,foul odor and groundwater pollution and so on)
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    Main products by this system

  • High protein
  • Growth promotion
  • Improve quality
  • Antibacterial protein
  • Make immunity stronger
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Effect of soil improvement
  • Growth promotion
  • Reduce the generation of the pest
  • The yield will be better
  • Improve the quality(sugar content,vitamins)
  • Excellent filterability
  • When it is even wet,no worry about its odor
  • Pupa's shell
  • Chitin and Chitosan
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Imago of housefly
  • Acetylcholinesterase
  • Process flow by special housefly

    By special housefly system , its process is carried out by them rapidly without any environmental pollution and even safe-worthy products can be obtained.Unlike normal composting ,this technology is capable of producing a protein from a livestock waste while circulating.(3533466 patented) ieie

    Aiming shape of nature circulation


    advantage of circulation system


    Contribution to environmental issues by innovative circulation system


    Features of our housefly


    Image of standard work flow


    Media coverage




This technology (which is a device to boil water in the rotational energy of the motor) is a device that uses electrical energy to heat the liquid heat medium based on a completely new principle.

Ecoener was confirmed that the phenomenon of thermal energy occurs more than the energy generation mechanism of energy and mechanism that is not well understood yet is started and spent flow generation over by it.

Ecoener is possible to make the most efficient thermal energy in the world so far.

As a result of repeated various experimental studies, Ecoener can make more than twice the energy consumption of the motor is confirmed.

features of ecoener

  • running cost is cheaper
  • can be glorbal warming mitigation meatures because it never emit carbon dixide directly
  • other harmful gases is zero, so it is very good for the environment
  • easy to do maintenance
  • compact and no need a large space
  • no need a regular operator due to completely automatic operating
  • no need an administrator such as boiler engineer and hazardous materials engineer
  • not water stain in a pipe(no need to clean a pipe)
  • construction costs are low (possible to set up in exsisting heating instrations)
  • no combution part and high safety
  • application range is wide

ecoener's set up location examples

  • greenhouse farmer
  • farmer
  • hotel
  • hospital
  • home for the aged
  • heated pool
  • hot spring
  • public bath
  • building
  • warm water for generating steam
  • road heating
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wood reinforcement technology


This can easily impregnated monomer and noncombustible to wood such as cedar.It is a polymer technology for wood.About 66 percent of the land is forest in Japan and it is possible to add a high value added to even a low quality wood.Its machine is simple and affordable so it is regarded as an innovative technology in the world.(patented)

It already done setting up a pilot machine and was studied.Through this technology, effective use of forest resources is possible.especilally,using cedar and japanese cypress.It can be low environmental impact, strength, durability, fire-retardant improve workability for building materials.Now, about 80% is being developed. In addition, there are innovative drying technology.


features of wood reinforcement technology

  • Significant improvement in the characteristics at low cost.
  • Feel of material in deep gloss.
  • Improve its intensity.
  • Significantly Increased hardness, wear resistance.
  • Resistance against weather, antiseptic and insect.
  • Improved dimensional stability, no twist.
  • Add noncombustibility and incombustible.
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